Hands-On Workshops | IBM® ELM Tools

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management is a tightly itegrated tool suite that delivers end-to-end lifecycle management on-premise or in the cloud. Connect to Island Training's virtual classroom for a series of one-hour workshops and experience the power of these tools.

DOORS® Next (formerly DNG)
View, modify, annotate, trace, and report on requirements.

IBM Engineering Test Management/ETM (formerly RQM)
Explore four validation scenarios and synchronize requirements with validation test case plan.

IBM Engineering Workflow Management/EWM (formerly RTC)
Prioritize, assign, and monitor progress of tasks and defects linked to requirement creation and validation efforts.

Managing Your Project from RFP to Delivery with IBM EWM v7  02/09/2021  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM  REGISTER