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For more information on Fairview Birth and Family Education classes, please call 612-672-7272 or 800-824-1953. 


Postal Code      
LocationOrder Down DateOrder Down Price Available  
Breastfeeding: Off to a Good StartWyoming, MN04/15/2015$0.0028REGISTER
Breastfeeding: Off to a Good StartWyoming, MN06/10/2015$0.0029REGISTER
Child Passenger SafetyWyoming, MN04/22/2015$0.0029REGISTER
Child Passenger SafetyWyoming, MN06/17/2015$0.0029REGISTER
Childbirth PreparationWyoming, MN05/06/2015 - 06/17/2015$80.0015REGISTER
Childbirth Preparation ExpressWyoming, MN04/04/2015 - 04/22/2015$80.002REGISTER
Evening at the BirthplaceWyoming, MN04/23/2015$0.0042REGISTER
Evening at the BirthplaceWyoming, MN06/23/2015$0.0060REGISTER
Fairview Health Services - Banner