Cancer Programs in St. Louis

Program Descriptions

  • Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment: Cancer Transitions is a six-week series of workshops, each 2 ½ hours, designed to help survivors transition from active treatment to post-treatment care. Eligibility--Adult survivors of any cancer diagnosis who have completed active treatment. You must have a signed physician release.
  • Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Treatment and Side-Effects: Come learn about the management of the side effects of treatment as Dr. Susan Luedke, an oncologist with David C. Pratt Cancer Center, discusses strategies to manage issues such as fatigue, hair loss, anemia, infection and pain.  Kathy Bearman, LCSW, CSC facilitator, will address ways to cope with emotional distress and optimize quality of life during and after treatment. 
  • The Power of Mindfulness: A Deeper Look: Curious about mindfulness and meditation, but unsure how to get started in developing your own practice? This three-week series will provide information on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for the body and brain.
  • Breast Cancer Support/Networking Group: An educational and emotionally safe group, in collaboration with Mercy, for women newly- diagnosed, as well as breast cancer survivors, female family and friends. 
  • Prostate Cancer Support/Networking Group: This group features speakers and follow-up discussions on important topics such as treatment options, quality of life, incontinence, intimacy concerns and fear of recurrence.
  • Lymphedema Support Group: Meetings are run by a certified lymphedema therapist with Mercy Hospital.
  • Head and Neck Support Group
  • Thyroid Cancer Support Group
  • Yoga Basics: Open to individuals 18 years of age and older. Join us for an evening of rhythmic breathing, gentle stretching and mental focus.

There are no events open/scheduled