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Below is a list of available classes and events.  Please take a look and see which one works best with your schedule.  If you have questions, please call ThedaCare On Call between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1-800-236-2236.
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A.W.A.K.E.Germs Never Sleep! Learn how to clean & disinfect your CPAP equipment
A.W.A.K.E.Germs Never Sleep! Learn how to clean & disinfect your CPAP equipmentAppleton, WI04/14/2015$0.0027DETAILS_REGISTER
CHIP Series
CHIP SeriesNeenah, WI04/06/2015 - 05/28/2015$450.0038DETAILS_REGISTER
CHIP SeriesAppleton, WI09/28/2015 - 11/19/2015$450.0040DETAILS_REGISTER
Diabetes Support Group
Diabetes Support GroupWaupaca, WI04/07/2015$0.0029DETAILS_REGISTER
Diabetes Support GroupWaupaca, WI06/02/2015$0.0029DETAILS_REGISTER
Diabetes Support GroupWaupaca, WI08/04/2015$0.0029DETAILS_REGISTER
Diabetes Support GroupWaupaca, WI10/06/2015$0.0029DETAILS_REGISTER
Diabetes Support GroupWaupaca, WI12/01/2015$0.0029DETAILS_REGISTER
Parkinsons Support Group
Parkinsons Support GroupWaupaca, WI03/18/2015$0.0029DETAILS_REGISTER
Show Menopause Who's Boss
Show Menopause Who's BossAppleton, WI03/18/2015$0.0033DETAILS_REGISTER
Stepping On
Stepping OnWaupaca, WI04/07/2015 - 05/19/2015$0.0011DETAILS_REGISTER
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