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Making your own health care treatment choices and naming someone to speak for you if you are unable, is important. In the event of a sudden illness or injury you may not be able to communicate your care choices to your loved ones or to your healthcare team.

Advance Care Planning consists of conversations throughout your life with loved ones and care providers to understand, reflect upon, and discuss your goals, values, beliefs, and choices for future health care decisions. You may want to put your choices in writing in a legal document called a Health Care Directive. The best time to develop an advance care plan is now, not when faced with a crisis. Advance Care Planning is for anyone 18 and older. Our trained facilitators can help you begin the conversations and develop an advance care plan or complete a Health Care Directive at no cost to you. Ensure that your choices are known.

Do this for them, Do this for each other, Do this for yourself!

LocationOrder Down DateOrder Down Time Available  
Honoring ChoicesAndover, MN05/29/20142:00pm - 3:30pm20REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesAndover, MN07/31/20142:00pm - 3:30pm20REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesAndover, MN09/25/20142:00pm - 3:30pm20REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesApple Valley, MN05/15/20145:15pm - 7:00pm15REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesApple Valley, MN09/18/20145:15pm - 7:00pm15REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesBurnsville, MN04/21/201410:00am - 11:30am13REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesEdina, MN04/24/201410:30am - 12:00pm13REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesEdina, MN05/21/20141:30pm - 3:00pm20REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesEdina, MN06/16/20143:00pm - 4:30pm15REGISTER
Honoring ChoicesMinneapolis, MN05/05/20141:00pm - 2:30pm15REGISTER
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