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College Foundation of North Carolina is pleased to offer the following events as a service to you. You can read about these events and sign up online!

LocationOrder Down DateOrder Down Available  
CFNC Control Center Workshops
Control Center Webinar: College Redirection Pool (CRP)Online05/01/201420REGISTER
Control Center Webinar: TAAP (UNC's Only)Online04/28/201420REGISTER
CFNC Wednesday Webinar
Career & College Promise Eligibility in the Professional CenterOnline05/07/201422REGISTER
CFNC Overview and UpdateOnline06/25/201420REGISTER
CFNCs New Video NetworkOnline05/21/201419REGISTER
Diving In - The College Redirection PoolOnline05/14/201422REGISTER
Helping Students Snag a Summer Job with CFNC's ResourcesOnline04/30/201414REGISTER
Making Milestones (Career & College Planning)Online06/04/201417REGISTER
Promoting Financial LiteracyOnline06/11/201422REGISTER
Saving for College with NC's 529 PlanOnline05/28/201423REGISTER
Tracking and Reporting with CFNC Professional CenterOnline06/18/201420REGISTER
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