Waiting List For:  Bridging Clinical and Basic Sciences - Cancer Immunotherapy

Monday, October 9, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Topics and Techniques in Cancer Immunotherapy
October 9, 2017
Berg Hall, Li Ka Shing Center
9:00–9:05 am    
Welcome and Overview
Mark Davis
Crystal Mackall
Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Member Researchers
9:05–9:30 am    
T Cell Phenotypes and Repertoire in Cancer Infiltrating T Cells
Mark Davis
9:30–9:55 am    
Circular RNA Immunity
Howard Chang
9:55–10:20 am    
Immunotherapy: Won’t You Be My (cellular) Neighbor
Garry Nolan
10:20–10:45 am                
Probing the Human Immune System with Systems Based Approaches: Implications for Cancer Immunotherapy
Bali Pulendran
10:45–11:00 am                
11:00–11:25 am                
CAR-T Therapy for Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
David Miklos
11:25 am–12:00 pm       
CAR-T Cell Biology: Current Insights and Future Possiblities
Crystal Mackall
12:00–1:00 pm                  
Lunch and Networking
PICI’s Extended Community Researchers
1:00–1:25 pm                     
Immunotherapy of Cancer by in Situ Vaccination
Ronald Levy
1:25–1:50 pm                     
Tumor Antigen Presentation Profiling and Tumor Neoantigen Prediction
Ash Alizadeh
1:50–2:15 pm                     
Using CyTOF to Discover Blood-based Predictors of Immunotherapy Success
Holden Maecker

2:15–2:40 pm                     
Mass Cytometry – Establishing a Baseline in Immune Oncology
Sean Bendall
2:40–3:00 pm                     
3:00–3:25 pm                     
Immunotherapy for Ovarian Cancer: One Cell at a Time
Wendy Fantl
3:25–3:50 pm                     
Mapping the Enhancer Connectome in Primary Human T Cells
Ansuman Satpathy
3:50–4:15 pm                     
Tracing and Directing T Cell Differentiation
Zina Good
4:15–4:40 pm                     
Normalized Neoplastic Stem Cells and CD 47
Irv Weissman
4:40–4:45 pm                     
Closing Remarks
4:45–5:30 pm