Information Only - N.E.S.T. Developmental Follow-up Center

Thursday, December 4, 2014 - Saturday, June 10, 2017
Dr. Johnson will discuss the new N.E.S.T. Developmental Follow-Up Center, which was created to give babies who arrive early or are born with medical conditions that extra nudge so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the research and history that led to the creation of the N.E.S.T. (NICU graduate Early Support and care Transition) Developmental Follow-up Center.
  2. Describe the services provided to N.E.S.T. patients and their families.
  3. Discuss expected outcomes for N.E.S.T. patients and the positive impacts the program hopes to have.
Yvette Johnson, MD, MPH
Medical Director, N.E.S.T. Developmental Follow-up Center
Cook Children's, Fort Worth

Target Audience:
The target audience for Grand Rounds includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

To view the presentation, click the link below:
N.E.S.T. Developmental Follow-up Center

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