Financial Review for Decision Makers

Friday, December 1, 2017 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM  (EST)
This course will provide you with a cutting edge, best practices method of conveying, to SMB decision makers, a succinct, financial review of their business’s results.  The 1-page summary sheet, will be the focus of the course with supporting schedules included.  In this course you will learn how, with just a basic knowledge of primary financial statements, you can glean insight into the business’s true economic activities and results.
If you are an SMB decision maker or provide (or seek to provide) financial support to these decision makers, then don’t miss the opportunity to attend this webinar.

This webinar will focus on how a simplified, 1-page summary sheet can provide SMB decision makers with an objective, comprehensive overview of their business’s results

Show how a 1-page summary can provide comprehensive financial information in laymen’s terms.
The 1-page report has a big-picture analysis of the following:
  • P & L, Cash flow, Financial strength (and liquidity)
  • Business value and Banking status
  • Management of working capital
  • An entirely new insight of a business’s economic reality is generated by primary data straight off of the SMBs basic periodic financial statements

No advance preparation required
Level of Knowledge
CPE Credit
2 Hours
Delivery Method  
Group Internet Based
NASBA Field of Study

Edward Patton

WARNING: The status of this event has been changed to CANCELED.
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