Excel Essentials: Pivot Tables

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM  (EST)
In this exciting webcast Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA empowers you to make use of one of Excel's most powerful features. Pivot tables allow you to quickly assemble reports by simply dragging and dropping fields onscreen. David will show you how to quickly whip unwieldy data into shape, and then he'll share a number of ways to leverage pivot tables. David teaches from Excel 2010, but for this session includes handouts specific:
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2007
  • Excel 2003
Separate handouts are available because various features work slightly different in each version of Excel.

  • Quickly transform lists of raw data into usable reports in just a few simple steps.
  • Format and analyze pivot table data with ease
  • Explore the Slicers feature introduced in Excel 2010, as well as Recommended Pivot Tables in Excel 2013
  • Quickly whip unwieldy data into the format required for pivot table analysis.
  • See how the Table feature can vastly improve the integrity of Pivot Tables in Excel.
  •  Learn the basics of pivot table creation.
  •  Avoid frustration by understanding the nuances of pivot table formatting.
  •  Dig deeper into the numbers by using the Report Filter command to create break-out tables.
  •  Drill down into numbers with a double-click--or prevent users from being able to do so.
  •  Incorporate calculations within, or alongside, pivot tables.
  •  Disable the GETPIVOTDATA function if you don't need it for your analysis.
  •  Quickly summarize complex data sets with Excel’s Pivot Chart feature
  •  Master the nuances of keeping your pivot table data correct and accurate.
  •  Mitigate the side effects of converting a table back to a normal range of cells.
  •  Summarize information from Access databases and other sources.
  •  Filter pivot tables faster by way of the Slicers feature in Excel 2010 and 2013.
  •  Learn how to utilize the PowerPivot feature in Excel 2010 and 2013.
  •  Discover the new Recommended Pivot Tables feature in Excel 2013.
Who Should Attend:
Practitioners who need to quickly develop reports from lists of data.


No advance preparation required
Level of Knowledge
CPE Credit
2 Hours
Delivery Method  
Group Internet Based
NASBA Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge and Applications

David H. Ringstrom

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