Current Trends in Cyber-Threats and how to Protect Yourself and Your Organization

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM  (EST)
Companies have enough to worry about from outsiders when it comes to cybersecurity. From skilled remote hackers infiltrating their networks and stealing millions of consumer identification records, to criminal gangs stealing their trade secrets and intellectual property, security teams must be on their toes at all times.  But the insider threat can be just as dangerous and sometimes harder to detect. 
According to the "2015 Insider Threat Spotlight Report", 62 per cent of security professionals are seeing a rise in insider attacks.  While many of these are malicious attacks, they can also be unintentional breaches. The consequences, no matter the motivation, can be equally devastating. 
This timely webinar discusses the most current and dangerous insider and external cybersecurity threats and outlines measures for preventing and investigating incidents of data theft, industrial espionage, cyber-sabotage, identity theft and more. 
The webinar will cover:
  • Types of insider and outsider threats and most common perpetrators
  • Main data assets to protect: Personally identifiable data, intellectual property, trade secrets and more
  • Red flags of external and internal data theft, cyber-sabotage, identity theft and espionage to watch for
  • Latest best practices in information security today
  • Explore the common and not-so-common cyber-threats to your organization’s information security
  • Identify the most common cyber-perpetrators
  • Understand the red flags of potential or actual insider cyber-crime
  • Learn how to detect and initiate an investigation of suspected insider cyber-crime
Who will benefit by this webinar:
  •  Internal and external audit professionals
  •  Accounting and audit practitioners
  •  AP managers
  •  Senior financial management seeking to reduce their vulnerability to costly frauds 
  •  Procurement and payables specialists
  •  Compliance and ethics managers
  •  CFO’s/senior financial managers

No advance preparation required

Level of Knowledge

CPE Credit
2 Hours

Delivery Method  
Group Internet Based

NASBA Field of Study

Peter Goldman

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