Google Business Tools for Accountants

Thursday, December 28, 2017 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM  (EST)
Google's business applications don't end with Google Apps, the cloud-based productivity suite. The Google ecosystem goes far beyond this package and offers countless value for business and accounting operations on multiple fronts. The course provides a concise overview of Google's more than 200 other online enterprise tools and services that can be used by accountants for communication, publishing, business development, advertising, mobile connectivity, translation, online commerce, mapping, web programming, corporate social responsibility and more.

  • Get a free Google business listing, easy-to-build website and customized domain name.
  • Use Google Blogger to create a custom blog for your professional or personal use and incorporate photo publishing, comments, mobile-based posting and more with little technical knowledge..
  • Utilize Google Analytics as a measurement tool for your business and gather detailed statistics on the number of visits, unique visitors, page views and more on your website or blog.
  • Use Google Groups to create custom user groups, mailing lists and online forums to share information and drive discussions inside and outside your enterprise.
  • Utilize Google Consumer Surveys to develop custom market research and arrange virtual focus groups at a fraction of the cost of in-person focus groups.
  • Use Google Moderator for crowdsourcing and managing feedback from clients and staff who can submit and rank user-submitted questions, suggestions and ideas.
  • Use Google AdWords to launch and manage online ad campaigns that are highly targeted to specific demographics, locations and technologies.
  • Utilize AdSense to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on websites, mobile apps, and site search results.
    Participate in Google-sponsored entrepreneurship and startup events across the country and around the world.
  • Access Google's hundreds of corporate blogs, Google+ pages, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, LinkedIn employee profiles and more to connect directly with Google staff and get inside information on Google products and services.
  • Create and customize a Google Value Strategy that ties all the Google products and services together to maximize online efficiency and effectiveness in your accounting operation.
Who Should Attend:
Practitioners at all levels who want to explore the undiscovered goldmines of Google and tap its huge ecosystem of enterprise products, tools and support services.


No advance preparation required
Level of Knowledge
CPE Credit
2 Hours
Delivery Method  
Group Internet Based
NASBA Field of Study
Computer Science

Garrett Wasny

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