Preparing for Promotion to Clinical Professor in the Clinician Educator Line

Tuesday, February 11, 2014   4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

This workshop is designed for Clinical Associate Professors in the Clinician Educator line who are looking ahead to promotion to Clinical Professor and looking to better understand the evaluation process of clinical and teaching excellence

As indicated in the School of Medicine Faculty Handbook, “Promotion to the rank of Clinical Professor in the Clinician Educator Line will be reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional performance in clinical care and clinical teaching (and, if applicable, institutional service and/or scholarly activities) during their terms as Clinical Associate Professor and who are widely recognized as leaders in their field.  There must be evidence that these individuals have attained national recognition as superior clinicians and clinical teachers, that they have demonstrated continuing excellence and progressive maturation as physicians and teachers, and that they will successfully continue to fill the programmatic need for which the appointment is made and to make outstanding contributions to their discipline and to the School.  They may be recognized nationally as leaders of the health care system or of organizational change and measurement of health care systems.  In special cases, other factors may be considered for promotion for individuals who do not have national prominence, including extraordinary contributions in such broadly defined areas as teaching and clinical excellence, clinical innovation, program building and/or administrative activities.”

This workshop will explore the criteria for promotion, the timing of the action, preparation of the curriculum vitae and candidate’s statement, proportionality of contributions, evaluations from referees, and the review process of clinical excellence and teaching evaluations, as well as the evaluative measures applied by the School of Medicine’s Clinician Educator Appointments and Promotions Committee in assessing whether a candidate has met the criteria.

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Registration Open Until Tuesday, February 11, 2014