Second Time's a Charm: The Second Year on the Academic Job Market

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Development: Second Time's a Charm: The Second Year on the Academic Job Market (Panel)

Presented by Debra Rosenfeld, MA, LMFT
Assistant Director, Counseling and Resources, SoM Career Center

Wednesday, September 13
MSOB 140


Panelists: John Boothroyd (professor and academic jobs expert), Latishya Steele (Associate Director, Biosciences Program), and Debra Rosenfeld (SoM Career Center, Assistant Director of Counseling)

This panel is open to postdocs who applied for academic faculty positions in 2016 and will also apply in 2017.

Is this your second year on the academic faculty job market? Are you feeling discouraged, stressed, or unclear about how to approach the job search again? If so, please join John Boothroyd, Latishya Steele, and Debra Rosenfeld for this panel, where we'll answer your questions on how to approach the academic job search the second time around.

Whether you want to know how to fine-tune your application materials, job-search strategy, or interview skills, or you simply need some extra motivation and encouragement, we'll help you figure out your next steps! If you'd like to ask the panel a question anonymously, please email your question to Debra Rosenfeld.

Questions? Email Debra Rosenfeld at


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