Industry Insights - China, A New Land of Opportunities


Industry Insights -
China, A New Land of Opportunities for Medical and Life Science Professionals





Dr. Wei Dong, CABS President, Global Head of Epidemiology for Oncology, Genentech




Dr. Shichang Miao, Former CABS President, Senior Director, Discovery & Clinical Drug Metabolism, ChemoCentryx

Dr. Janet (Jian) Xiao, CABS President-Elect, Patent Attorney, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Dr. Cheni Kwok, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Poniard Pharmaceuticals



School of Medicine Career Center
Chinese American BioPharmaceutical Society




China is rapidly becoming a global leader in drug discovery and innovation.  Based on a recent report by IMS Health, the drug market in China is projected to grow 25 to 27 percent in 2011 to more than $50 billion, and to become the world's second-largest biopharmaceutical market by 2012.  The massive return of at least 80,000 Western-trained PhDs in life sciences in recent years will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of growth in China over the next decade.   What are the implications of such massive economic growth for the biotechnology and healthcare industry?  How does this impact the operations of both large and small biotech companies and service firms? How does this translate into a new and exciting array of opportunities for medical and life science professionals? 

In this session, you will hear from a panel of seasoned experts who collectively represent dozens of years of experience in life science and possess great knowledge about the state of the life science industry and new opportunities in China.  Each of these guest speakers has achieved significant expertise and distinction, in areas of basic research, clinical development, business, and legal services.  During this session, the experts will discuss how US-based life science companies are positioning themselves to embrace new opportunities in China.  They will also share their insights into how today’s life science research trainees can best prepare for the emerging business and career opportunities as well as unique challenges they will likely face in this new “land of opportunity.”



Dr. Wei Dong, Global Head of Epidemiology for Oncology, Genentech

Dr. Dong has over 15 years experience spanning biotech industry and academia in the USA and the UK.


Dr. Shichang Miao, Senior Director, Discovery & Clinical Drug Metabolism / Pharmacokinetics, ChemoCentryx, Inc.

The discovery and development of drugs though regulation of chemokine receptors serves as the focus of Dr. Miao’s work.


Dr. Janet (Jian) Xiao, Patent Attorney, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Dr. Xiao’s practice includes patent prosecution, reexamination, litigation, preparation of freedom-to-operate opinions, and due diligence.


Dr. Cheni Kwok, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Poniard Pharmaceuticals

At Poniard, Dr. Kwok establishes corporate and business development, strategic and commercial planning, new product planning, competitive intelligence and forecasting functions.


Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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Registration Open Until Wednesday, May 11, 2011