Supporting Open Access: Librarians as advocates, researchers, educators and role models

Friday, January 25, 2013   10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
As stewards of knowledge, librarians have an instrumental role to play in supporting open access (OA) initiatives, such as the NIH Public Access Policy. As a component of a Pacific Southwest RML Express Outreach Award, Stanford is proud to present a workshop that will engage librarians in an active discussion of the current state of OA through hands-on, case-based activities. Participants will be challenged to think critically about their roles as advocates, role models, researchers, collection developers and educators and to share best practices. To support this discussion, the instructors will present emerging data on how health personnel use and perceive biomedical literature in their clinical practice and will also introduce implications for OA policies. The instructors will also demonstrate the methods utilized in ascertaining these data and brainstorm ways in which the librarian community can collaborate to continue growing this evidence base.      

  Status: CLOSED