Writing for Career Development Awards (K Awards)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011   2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

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Career Development Awards (K awards) are one of the most successful NIH programs and have helped launched many productive investigator careers. Over the past 5 years, K award funding has steadily increased NIH-wide, and in 2010, overall K award success rates were 35% across all institutes. However, many investigators often miss these funding opportunities because they are not aware of the kinds of career awards available or what's expected of the trainee in securing an award. In this 1.5-hour seminar, we will examine different NIH training and career development programs, discuss what programs are tailored to specific individuals during their career, and provide an overview of how to write a competitive K award.

Course Materials and Resources

Lecture Slides: NIH Career (K)Development Programs

About the Instructor

Dr. Christopher Dant is a faculty member at the Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Dant is a former medical research investigator, and has spent his career as a writer. He was a grants director at the Stanford Medical School before becoming a faculty instructor at Dartmouth's Medical School and Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

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