Agile Development with Scrum

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - Friday, February 16, 2018 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

This 2-day course assures students understand what adopting Scrum will mean for their organization and themselves.  The course begins with the concepts and terminology of iterative development: developing and delivering portions of a total product according to a well-defined schedule and partitioning of product features. The business case for iterative development is thoroughly covered.

The course then discusses the principles and practices that define an agile framework for software development, including: delivering continual value to the customer, flexible and rapid response to change, time-boxed iterations, and rapid feedback on project state. The course next covers each of Scrum’s practices and, most importantly, the structure and flow of how a Scrum project is conducted according to agile principles. Extensive exercises allow students to plan a release, estimate user stories and tasks, plan and populate a sprint, and understand how to conduct and end a sprint, with special consideration of software deployment options. 

About the Instructor:
Kevin McManus has been an agile practitioner, trainer and coach for 13 years and has trained hundreds of people on implementing an agile mindset.  He actively consults and mentors organizations throughout the country on applying agile methods to both software and non-software projects. 

"Kevin's knowledge and passion of agile development is evident in the first minutes of the training. You leave the two days with a really good grasp of the subject matter and concrete ways to implement it."

“Kevin did not stumble on anything or not ONCE did I hear him say I don’t know.  He had an answer for everything and it all made sense.  He was very professional and I will reiterate, we had a lot of fun.”

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