Enhancing Caregiver Resilience: Burnout & Quality Improvement

Monday, January 28, 2019 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Lunch & Afternoon Snacks Provided
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Lunch & Afternoon Snacks Provided

Before we care about quality, we have to care about our work, and before we can care about our work, we have to take better care of ourselves. Where are the role models for resilience and self care?  The growing consensus in the peer reviewed literature is that burnout levels in healthcare workers are reaching the breaking point.  Against the backdrop of healthcare reform and economic uncertainty, our resilience is even further compromised.  

Quality improvement efforts frequently ignore the need to make sure that caregivers are ready for the next big initiative, and rarely do they first build up the resilience of staff before expecting even higher levels of quality and safety to be delivered. For some, jumping into innovation is a reasonable first step.  But for many individuals and work units, there needs to be a focus on the caregivers, and their needs, to build capacity and bounce back from burnout, before providing the training and the tools to improve quality in a sustainable way.

This is a special course at the Duke Patient Safety Center.  We designed it to meet the needs of our patient safety and quality improvement communities.  We did not realize it would be such a potent and positive experience for the participants, and for the course faculty.  The course is designed for caregivers in formal or informal leadership roles, but participants include executives, staff physicians, and nurses.  For this to translate to the individual (resilience role-modeling), come by yourself – but for it to translate to the unit, please bring at least 2 people from your clinical area.

In this course, we provide participants with real-time feedback on burnout, depression, health behaviors, human limitations and human nature. Participants are given protected time to practice, and to work on themselves and their units. This on-site course will occur on two consecutive days, with  a 2 hour follow-up webinar scheduled two weeks after the course. This is an intense and rewarding experience for participants, full of self reflection, validation, coaching, and recharging those nearly-dead batteries.

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