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ACI Media Composer User Recertification v8.6

ACI Media Composer Recertification

The releases of Media Composer v8.5 and v8.6 introduced exciting new features and functionality, including a simplified menu structure.  New menus require updated course materials, but Avid Education chose to go a step further.  The new Media Composer v8.6 curriculum has been redesigned to offer integrated, progressive training of picture and sound editing with visual effects work, project management and technical skills in every course.  

ACIs wishing to teach the new Media Composer v8.6 curriculum are required to complete this recertification training to prepare them to teach the new courses.  


This re-certification is designed for:

  • ACIs currently certified to teach MC101 / MC110 v7 or v8
Please contact us at education.operations@avid.com should you have any questions.

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