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Avid Learning Partner Schedule

Below is a list of Avid Learning Partner public training classes. Please click REGISTER to enroll in a class.
Avid Worldwide Training On-Site Information Request
For information regarding an onsite course please call 1-800-867-2843 or 978-275-2071 or email us at trainingservices@avid.com

Avid offers onsite training for the following courses:
  • Online Editing with Avid DS
  • Conforming on Avid DS
  • Finishing on Avid DS
  • ACSR-Avid DS System Support
  • Administering Interplay Capture
  • iNEWS User Training
  • LeaderPlus Seminar
  • LeaderPlus Refresher (Virtual Classroom)
  • iNEWS Superuser Database Design
  • Introduction to iNEWS Instinct
  • iNEWS Database Design Workshop
  • iNEWS System Administration
  • iNEWS Advanced System Administration
  • Editing with Avid NewsCutter
  • Advanced NewsCutter Tips and Techniques
  • Deko Basic Operations
  • DekoCast Basic Operations
  • Select in the Newsroom
  • Thunder Basic Course
  • Deko Advanced Operations
  • Deko Macros and Databases
  • Unity MediaNetwork for System Administrators
  • Avid ISIS 5000 Administration
  • Unity MediaNetwork Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Unity/Interplay Maintenance for Broadcasters
  • ISIS/Interplay Maintenance for Broadcasters
  • Introduction to Interplay Assist
  • Introduction to Avid Interplay Access
  • Avid Interplay for Editors
  • AirSpeed Multi Stream
  • CaptureManager Administration
  • Avid iNEWS Command