When it comes to decisions about your health care it’s important that your experiences, values, and decisions are known. In the event of a sudden injury or illness you may not be able to communicate your care choices to your loved ones or the health care team. The best time to develop an advance care plan is now, not when faced with a crisis. This is Advance Care Planning - we recommend having this important conversation after turning 18 and having it often with people you love and trust.

We offer 3 different virtual classes to meet your needs:
  • Writing and Updating a Health Care Directive:
Have you ever wondered who will communicate your preferences for healthcare when you are not able to yourself? We provide straight-forward information on how to complete or update a legal document called a health care directive. In this session we will walk you through the basics  - what to do and what not to do when your doctor, your lawyer or your family member gives you a blank document to fill out.
  • Conversation Starters: Talking about Advance Care Planning
Having discussions about health and changes in health can be difficult to start, and life often gets in the way of this very important conversation. We’ll explore ways to take charge of this discussion, and keep it going! We’ll talk about who to talk with, how to get the conversation started, and ideas to make it easier to continue the talking to people who matter most in your life.
  • Conversation Starters: Talking about Life Limiting Illness with People You Love
When you or someone you love has a serious illness, or a diagnosis that is changing daily life, it can be difficult to know what to do. At these times, it is important to talk about what matters – even when things are uncertain. We’ll explore the important parts of this discussion that will help make the decisions ahead more clear. We’ll talk about who to talk with and how to make sure people who matter most know what is important today – and for the future

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